The new label Nicol DeNoir™  consists of 21st century corsets fused with functional modern garments to suit any wardrobe or occasion. Using research, technology and an innovative design concept. Each corset is a unique masterpiece carefully constructed for each unique individual client specification.

Photo for About Us pg 2 Deluxx Digital Magazine - May 2010Creative Fashion Designer, Nicola Desnoes previously a Beauty Consultant, Makeup Artist and Model, prior to designing has gained commercial experience working for some of the best and highly established companies in Fashion, TV, Feature Film and Music Production, ranging from Pop Promo’s to TV dramas, Feature Film Promo’s to Film Premiers, Advertising through to Luxury goods, working among Couture, Costume, Designers and Stylist. An innovative, versatile and talented designer who has the ability to produce beautiful luxury pieces and edgy designs, Graphic Layout, Fashion Design & Illustration, Styling, Art Direction, Forecast and Prediction.

The goal is to offer something different, innovative and new using all the knowledge, skills and experience gained over the years, providing customers with a product they would actually want to own, whether they are a professional singer, actress, presenter, bride, or party girl looking for something special to stand out from the crowd, walking the red carpet or simply blend in for a purpose. Be a part of our passion for fashion, inspiration and future aspirations, and make it your ambition to own one of our fabulous designs. ‘Don’t change to fit fashion, change the fashion to fit you’ and you’ll never have to look back and think what if…..

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